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Premium Placements

One tag for all of your favrouite adunits

Display Banner

Responsive ads on your site will adapt to your specific page layout and so might look different to the examples shown.

Interstitial Ad

An interstitial ad appears at natural transition points, such as a page change, an app launch, or a game level load. Users can close the ad to continue using the webpage

Adsense/Adx Backfill

Shareusads can seamlessly monitor, track, and recover your unfilled AdSense/adx ad slots, ensuring that your website maximizes its earning potential. Earn for every single ad impression

Popunder (Realtime Bidding)

The CPM rates are always high Compatible with AdSense or adx Monetize every visitor with a 100% fill rate.

Direct Link (Realtime Bidding)

The direct link work best for download button and text based ads to show offer according user interest and provide high cpm with 100% fill rate.

Boost Your Popunder Revenue

Realtime Bidding From Pop SSP

Maximize the value of your traffic with ShareUs’s real-time bidding technology! Increase your revenue potential by securing the highest bids from SSP partners.

Why Shareus?

See what make shareus different from other adnetwork

Instant Domain Approval

Securing approval from ShareUs AdNetwork is incredibly swift and straightforward. The minimum wait time for approval is just 5-6 hours.

Lowest Minimum Thresholds

Shareus AdNetwork boasts the lowest minimum withdrawal thresholds: Indian publishers can withdraw at just ₹50, while global publishers can do so at $25.

Weekly & NET-30 Payment

We offer swift and dependable payment conditions, commencing at Net 7 on a weekly basis, for eligible products and partners, boasting top-tier payment terms in the industry.

Realtime Reporting Dashboard

Shareus AdNetwork provides a real-time reporting dashboard tailored for publishers, ensuring instant access to comprehensive insights and analytics.

Adsense/Adx Backfill

Backfill Solution for Unfilled Inventory: Shareus ads seamlessly monitor, track, and recover unfilled AdSense/AdX ad slots, maximizing your website's earning potential.

Customer Support

Shareus AdNetwork offers real-time customer support specifically designed for publishers, ensuring prompt assistance and resolving queries instantly.

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