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ShareUs v3.429 Rolling Out

We are happy to announce our new version of

⭐ Shareus New Upadte is Live Now ⭐️


Get Ready To Enjoy The World Best URL & Content Monetization Platform Experience Ever Created. A Platform With Most Advanced Features Which is not available in any other platform or country, its first in india, its first in world and its first in powerful features


For Publishers – ✅️

Lets see what we have made for you our lovely publishers.

What’s new in shareus new update.

– Monetize Links/Content With Ads
– Monetize Links With Money
– 1- 6 Page Shortener
– Realtime Dashboard
– Daily Automatic Payments
– INR 5 Minimum Withdrawal
– Creator Search Engine ( Coming under 2 weeks )
– Fastest Link Opening Process
– Sell Digtal Products Using Shareus
– Sell Downloadable Content Using Shareus
– Bank Transfer Payment Mode Added
– UPI Payment Mode ( Support Any UPI ID )
– PayPal ( Coming Under 2 Months )
– Wire Transfer ( Coming Under 2 Months )
– Link Rating system Added
– Add category in links *Support Added
– Add tags in links (Support Added)
– ShareUs Bot Setting Moved to Dashboard
– ShareUs Bot Image Support Added
– Two Refer System Added
– Edit Title Support Added For Links
– Edit Destination Link Support Added For Links
– Short Direct Links Like Bitly *added
– See Detailed Analytics Report
– Enable/Disable Popup Ads From Last Page *Setting Added
– Notification For Important Updates*Added
– Refund To User/Customer Feature Added
– ShareUs AI-Traffic Detection Technology Added
– Small Bugs Fixed

💲🫰See What You Can Monetize With Shareus New Update

Telegram Traffic
Telegram Channel
Telegram Groups
Telegram Pages

Legal Download Sites
Apk Sites

Social Traffic
Facebook Traffic
Instagram Swipe Traffic
Twitter Traffic

YouTube Traffic
Use Link in Yt Video Description
Provide Download Link In Description
Monetize Premium Content

Sell Premium Liks
Sell PDF, Videos, Links
Sell Trading Sheets
Sell Files, Luts & More

Video/Streaming Sites
Monetize Video Based Site
Anime Site, Video Stream
Monetize Paid Videos

🤑 Shareus New CPM (Updated)

Earn with one of the best CPM in the market, We give you what we show!

1 Page = INR 100
2 Page = INR 200
3 Page = INR 300
4 Page = INR 400
5 Page = INR 500
6 Page = INR 600
No Traffic Deduction
100% Realtime Traffic Count Technology
100% Transparency, Earn For Your Every Real Single Clicks.

🤑 50x Your Earnings By Our New Features.

See how new update of shareus will boost your earning by 50x, You will see it don’t worry. Thats what we have made.

– 20x Increase from money monetization feature.
– 30x Increase from shareus search engine.

Thanks! that’s the our publisher parts i hope you like it.

For Your Users & Customer – ✅️

Lets see what we have made for your users & customer so they will never leave you and gonna love you because of these new features.

– 🫰 Easy Link Open Process
– 🤭 Lowest Link Open Time
– 🫡 Link History Feature
– 🥳 Visit Old links anytime
– 🥱 Download Invoice For Purchased Link
– 😎 User & Customer Can Rate Your Links/Content
– 🙂 1 Click Login For Your Users & Customer

Any more new features are added.

i hope you loved our new update of shareus, Lets rock!!!! that’s not the end, Our team is also working on other monetization features to bring more possibilities to make more revenue.

Signup At New Shareus-

Old Shareus Account is not linked to new shareus, Please create a new account to use new update of shareus.

NOTE📡: – Old shareus dashboard will be also visible to see old reports and data but you are not able to use it again for short new links, if you want to short new links then you need to use New shareus dashboard.


Team Shareus
Made in india🇮🇳

2.1 – 2022-July-04

ShareUs v2.1 Rolling Out

We are happy to announce our new version of , Where you are going to love our latest features and everything which is coming under Shareus v2.1 update.

🛡Changelog v2.1

Heloooo🥳 | Good News For all❤️

– We have developed a user friendly UI for every publishers.

– Animation Added in all buttons of 3 Pages

– Ads Decreased 

– Site Speed Optimized By 85% ( GT Matrix Verified )

– Auto Smooth Scroll Added

– Popup While Click On Buttons ( Removed )😍

– we have simplified the 3 page passing process

– Now users can pass all 3 pages very smoothly.

– user only have to wait for 8 second and pages will be automatically scroll down and they will continue the process

😉 Enjoy The Bested Experience Ever.

Benefits Of This?

The benefits you are going to love❤️. Because from now you will get 80-90% click success rate when you send traffic to shareus, Because we have made all pages easy, fast, auto scrollable.

Enjoy The Experience.

Team ShareUs
India’s First Trusted URL Shortener Platform
Made in india❤️🇮🇳


2.0 – 2022-March-05

ShareUs v2.0 Rolling Out

We are happy to announce our new version of , Where you are going to love our latest features and everything which is coming under Shareus v2.0 update.

🛡Changelog v2.0

– Minimum Payout Amount changed ₹1 To ₹ 5 ( To get paid daily, publishers need to earn ₹ 5 at least to get paid )

– Payment Time 12:00 AM ( Every Night )

– We have fixed our minimum CPM rate ₹300 ( Fixed ) it will increase anytime but never decrease then ₹300

– We will provide Daily 10:00 PM – 04:00 AM Live Chat Support

– From now its not ( We have closed our .in domain )

– New UI & UX Experience added for shareus publishers

– Referral payment not releasing ( Fixed )

– To get referral payment you must need to be active in your account, We only count successful payment not total referral clicks.

Example – if you have referred any user to with your referral link, and he got total 100 Clicks and after all user got Rs 30 but after deducting all invalid amount your friend got only Rs 25 then you will receive 20% of Rs 25 not 20% of total click’s

– Antiban System Added, if anyone tried to send bot traffic/adult traffic your account will be terminate immediately without any warning or notification.

Team ShareUs
India’s First Trusted URL Shortener Platform
Made in india❤️🇮🇳